The Ohh Shot: Empowering Women’s Sexual Wellness with Regenerative Medicine

The Ohh Shot Empowering Women's Sexual Wellness with Regenerative Medicine

Sexual wellness is essential to a woman’s overall well-being, yet it is often overlooked or neglected due to societal taboos and stigma. However, thanks to advancements in regenerative medicine, women now have access to innovative treatments that can revolutionize their sexual experiences and empower them in their bodies. One such groundbreaking procedure is the Ohh […]

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Microneedling + PRP $325 off or $975 off 3-pack

Sculptra $900 savings

IV Hydration $40 savings

Hormone Therapy $50 off first treatment

Lip Filler $150 savings

LED Light Stim $40 off

Signature 60 min facial $150 off with IV hydration and glutathione complex for skin brightening

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