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IV Hydration in San Diego, CA

IV Hydration is a convenient way to quickly get a large infusion of nutrients and minerals into your bloodstream with instant absorption. Compared to consuming oral supplements, IV Hydration gives you 100% absorption of all vital nutrients. Popular formulas include hydration, recovery, immunity, and beauty. If you need a refresh, we might recommend a customized blend containing B12 and other nutrients that combat fatigue. If your concern is aging skin, we’ll ensure you get a mixture of antioxidants to prevent free radical effects on your skin.

The advantages of this treatment include:

The best for athletic performance, recovery, and muscle growth/repair.
IV Fluids + electrolytes 500ml
Arginine 300mg/Glutamine 45mg/Lysine 45mg/Proline 75mg

Arginine is an amino acid that is a building block for proteins. One of its key functions is promoting the dilation or opening of blood vessels. This occurs when arginine is converted into nitric oxide, which relaxes the muscles that constrict blood vessels. It can stimulate the release of insulin, growth hormone (which aids in muscle growth and fat reduction), and other substances. In addition to its role in blood vessel dilation, L-arginine may offer benefits in several areas, including improving athletic performance, supporting kidney function, alleviating inflammation in the digestive tract, enhancing immune system function and addressing sexual issues in both men and women.

Glutamine is a vital amino acid that serves as a building block for proteins in the body. Glutamine is the most abundant free amino acid in the body, produced in the muscles and distributed through the bloodstream. Maintaining adequate glutamine levels is crucial for a healthy immune system and supporting the body’s healing abilities. Glutamine provides the necessary nitrogen and carbon for various cellular processes, including the production of amino acids and glucose.
Consequently, glutamine plays a vital role in fueling the body’s natural healing processes and promoting healthy organ function. While the body can usually synthesize enough glutamine, in times of stress like traumatic injury or illness, the demand for glutamine exceeds what the muscles can produce. Glutamine may help muscles recover faster after intense workouts and reduce the recovery time for wounds and burns. L-glutamine has also demonstrated potential for improving symptoms of conditions like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), leaky gut and ulcers. Additionally, as a precursor to glutamate, glutamine could have positive effects on brain-related issues such as Reye’s Syndrome, epilepsy, anxiety, depression and addiction. Additionally, some studies suggest that I-glutamine may aid in weight loss by supporting metabolism and reducing muscle wasting.

Lysine is one of nine essential amino acids that serve as the primary building blocks of proteins in the human body. It plays a pivotal role in fostering healthy growth and contributing to the production of carnitine, a nutrient crucial to multiple bodily processes, including supporting heart and brain health. As the human body is unable to naturally produce lysine, it must be obtained through diet or supplemental sources. It has been explored for its role in promoting bone health by aiding in calcium absorption, and suggested to support athletic performance, as it can increase circulating growth hormone levels when administered intravenously, potentially aiding in muscle growth during training. Additionally, lysine has been studied for its potential benefits in managing symptoms of diabetes, certain viruses and reducing stress. Its role as a precursor of carnitine contributes to converting fatty acids into energy and reducing cholesterol levels, supporting overall heart health. In addition, lysine plays a vital role in collagen formation, a protein necessary for healthy skin, tendons, bones and other connective tissues.

L-proline is a non-essential amino acid which contributes to the production of proteins such as collagen. Proline helps ensure the strength, elasticity and regeneration of these tissues & supports the healing of skin and joints. Its role in collagen synthesis makes it a critical nutrient for tissue repair and wound healing. It supports cardiovascular health by releasing fat build-up in the bloodstream, reducing the risk of arteriosclerosis. Significant benefits related to its roles in protein synthesis, metabolic function and immune response as well as antioxidative reactions, helping the body combat oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is linked to many chronic diseases like heart disease and cancer. Athletes and those engaged in rigorous physical activitiesmay also benefit by maintaining muscle tissue after intense workouts by facilitating the repair of muscle fibers, supporting post-workout recovery and promoting overall muscle health.

Learn About the Treatment From Our Founders

We also offer mobile IV therapy! If you would like us to come to you, please text or call 858-263-6002 to schedule and determine if your location is within our service area. You may also schedule outside normal business hours (evenings and weekends) if our schedule permits. Thank you for choosing House of Aesthetix for your IV hydration needs!

The Treatment

Hydration Plus Energy


IV fluid with Vitamin B Complex and B12 to get you rehydrated and ready to crush your next activity.


Hangover Fix


Had a few too many last night? Includes fluid therapy for dehydration, B12, Magnesium, an anti-nausea medication (Zofran), and anti-inflammatory medication (Toradol) to help with muscle and joint aches.



In addition to having a balanced lifestyle, supplementation with vitamins (Vitamin C and Zinc) has been proven to decrease the duration and severity of the common cold. We love this one for prevention as well. Includes Vitamin C, B12, B-Complex, and Zinc.



Includes a blend of IV fluids, vitamins, and antioxidants that detoxifies your body and strengthens your hair, skin, and nails to help you look and feel your best. Includes B-Complex, Vitamin C, Biotin, and Glutathione Push (coming soon).


NAD+ Includes 1000ml of hydration, B vitamins and electrolytes

NAD+ 250mg (1-2 hour infusion) $300
NAD+500mg (2-4 hour infusion) $500
NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a powerful amino acid found in every cell of the body. NAD plays an important role in supporting the body’s mitochondria, significantly affecting essentially every bodily function. Benefits may include:
Improved cognitive function, such as memory, especially after concussion or brain injury
Elevated, happier mood
Weight management
Reduced inflammation & pain
Increased energy, less chronic fatigue
Deeper sleep
Strong muscle health & naturally enhanced athletic performance
A decrease in depression symptoms and cravings
Reduced cravings and withdrawal symptoms during drug and alcohol detox
Reduced symptoms of Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, dementia and other neurodegenerative disorders
Reduction in symptoms of autoimmune disease
Short on time? We offer injections that go directly into the muscle without the IV fluids

NAD+ IM injection 100mg


Most individuals are excellent candidates for IV Hydration. IV Therapy is one of the most useful ways to provide nutrients, vitamins, and fluids to your system and is more efficient than oral supplements. This procedure avoids your digestive system and is administered directly into your bloodstream. Your body is able to absorb the greatest amount of nutrients and fluids since nothing is lost as a result of the digestive process. During your consultation, we can discuss if it's right for you.

It varies for each patient. Some notice a difference right away. Others notice tangible improvements 3-4 days after treatment.

The duration of results depends on factors like nutrient imbalances, overall health, and hydration. Nutrient levels soar two to three weeks after the procedure.


Gracie KittellGracie Kittell
01:16 27 Oct 23
Such a cute and fun spot! The staff are all so sweet and there is great energy in their space. I love everything that they have done for me, my Botox and filler looks the best it ever has!
Maria PalestiniMaria Palestini
00:26 27 Oct 23
Such a great experience! Everyone is so sweet, informative, and supportive! Love this place!
Caterina PalestiniCaterina Palestini
00:18 27 Oct 23
A great experience every time I come! Janeane and Kelly and their staff are professional and friendly and the space is comfortable and inviting.
Antonina PalestiniAntonina Palestini
00:13 27 Oct 23
I absolutely LOVE going to House of Aesthetix! Janeane and Kelly are truly the best and they have made me feel so comfortable during my appointments. I have gotten filler in my lips as well as the IVs. I LOVED how my lips turned out by Janeane because she really does take the time to make them exactly what I wanted. The IVs have been so helpful for preventative health I get them super often !
Leslie DizonLeslie Dizon
18:52 26 Oct 23
House of Aesthetix is my go to place. The ladies here are so sweet. Always make me feel comfortable and I always leave feeling great. I highly recommend them.
Samantha PattersonSamantha Patterson
17:22 26 Oct 23
I’ve struggled with cystic acne for a few years now and was looking for someone to help me keep my skin clear. I work in the same building as House of Aesthetix and decided to check them out. After a consultation with Janeane I knew these ladies were the perfect fit for me. I saw Janeane and Kelly for 3 chemical peels and have seen a huge improvement in my complexion. They’re caring, patient, informative, and kind. I would highly suggest any of their services to anyone!
Stephanie fraenzlStephanie fraenzl
23:39 14 Sep 23
Janeane is so talented!! I’m absolutely thrilled with my results. I was especially nervous to have her touch my lips. But I felt I could trust her and I’m glad I did! I get so many compliments on my smile thanks to her!
Angela BowersAngela Bowers
23:33 05 Jul 23
Easy to get to and lots of parking. Office is very clean with cute decor. I was greeted promptly and a through medical eval was performed. We discussed the treatment recommendation and proceeded. Cost was comparable to what other medical spas are charging in the area. Loved Janeane’s bedside manner. I will be back. I recommend you give this place a try!

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IV Hydration $40 savings

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