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Presenting our Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) for men, also called Testosterone Replacement Therapy or TRT San Diego. This is a potentially life-changing treatment for health-conscious men who may be experiencing hormone imbalances. Men can experience abnormally low testosterone levels as soon as their early to mid 30s.

The benefits of this treatment include:

House of Aesthetix’ expert delivery of this treatment will enhance your overall health and energy levels with an individualized and medically validated regimen. 

House of Aesthetix is aware that hormonal imbalances in men can happen as they get older and cause a variety of problems like mood swings, diminished libido, and occasional exhaustion. Our TRT San Diego uses your body’s own natural hormones to improve how you feel. This treatment method aims to restore testosterone levels to the healthy ranges they were in your twenties if you have fallen due to aging and other circumstances. The testosterone pellets we use in BHRT are made from plant-based components and contain the same testosterone that is naturally found in your body. We carefully insert these pellets into the subcutaneous fat, your bloodstream will gradually release testosterone. This method of slow release efficiently restores hormonal balance.

The entire process takes about ten to fifteen minutes, so there will not be any interruption to your day. Within a week of the pellets being placed, you may get back to your regular activities. With BHRT, hormone imbalances may be easily and conveniently addressed, allowing you to restore your energy and lead a balanced, healthy lifestyle. In case of any inquiries, call us now!

Boost Your Performance With Bio-identical Hormone Replacement for Men

TRT San Diego
testosterone san diego
testosterone replacement therapy

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Understanding Low Testosterone in Men

Decline of Testosterone with Age

Men usually reach their peak testosterone levels in their early thirties. After this, a gradual decline typically begins around the mid-thirties, decreasing at a rate of about 1-3% annually. It's a common misconception that low testosterone is just a standard aspect of aging. However, this decline can lead to hypogonadism, a condition distinct from normal aging. Hypogonadism can adversely affect life quality, increasing the risk of heart disease and cognitive issues.

Causes of Reduced Testosterone Production

As men age, the pituitary gland, which signals testosterone production, may function less effectively. Additionally, the testicular cells responsible for testosterone production might become less responsive. This leads to lower testosterone levels in the blood. Other factors contributing to low testosterone include:

  • Poor diet and obesity, which can elevate levels of estradiol, leptin, and adipokines.
  • Use of alcohol, opioids, or previous anabolic steroid use.
  • Lack of sufficient sleep.
  • Pituitary gland disorders, including Kallman’s syndrome.
  • Testicular injuries or conditions like undescended testicles.
  • Autoimmune disorders.
  • Conditions such as HIV/AIDS.
  • Exposure to chemotherapy and radiation.

Symptoms Indicative of Low Testosterone

Individuals with low testosterone may exhibit various symptoms, including:

  • Reduced sexual desire and weaker erections.
  • General fatigue and a drop in energy levels.
  • Irritability and mood swings.
  • Decreased muscle mass and increased abdominal fat.
  • Symptoms of depression.
  • Infertility issues.
  • Concentration difficulties or mental cloudiness.
  • Development of breast tissue (gynecomastia).
  • Loss of bone density, leading to conditions like osteopenia or osteoporosis.

Diagnosing and Addressing Low Testosterone

The approach to diagnose low testosterone is symptom-driven. Men are typically evaluated for testosterone deficiency only if they exhibit certain symptoms. Blood testosterone levels alone aren't the sole factor in determining the need for testosterone supplementation. Tools like the Androgen Deficiency in Aging Males (ADAM) questionnaire help in assessing symptoms:

  • Do you have a decreased libido?
  • Have you experienced a lack of energy?
  • Reduced physical strength or endurance?
  • Have you noticed any height loss?
  • Have you noticed a lower enjoyment of life?
  • Feelings of sadness or irritability?
  • Do you have weaker erections?
  • Have you had a deterioration in sports performance?
  • Do you have increased sleepiness after-eating dinner?
  • Have you had a decline in work productivity?

Answering "yes" to question 1 or 7, or any three other questions, suggests the possibility of low testosterone. In such cases, hormone supplementation might be beneficial, and further laboratory tests may be considered for accurate assessment.

Challenges in Defining Low Testosterone

The primary issue with identifying low testosterone through laboratory reference ranges lies in their inaccuracy. Different labs establish their reference ranges based on a limited sample of patients, such as 20 random males of varying ages. When treating a patient showing low testosterone symptoms, doctors typically administer testosterone and reevaluate the patient after six weeks. Improvement in symptoms is an indicator of low testosterone, confirming the need for ongoing supplementation. However, it's crucial to avoid excessively high testosterone levels due to associated health risks. The treatment aim is to restore testosterone levels to what they were in the patient's twenties.

Natural Methods to Boost Testosterone

While natural methods can increase testosterone levels, they are generally insufficient for men diagnosed with hypogonadism or significant testosterone deficiency. These methods are more suited to men without severe symptoms who seek a modest increase in testosterone. They include:

  • Regular exercise and weight lifting.
  • Reducing stress and cortisol levels.
  • Vitamin D supplementation for if you are deficient.
  • Ensuring adequate sleep, as sleeping less than five hours can lower testosterone by 10-15%.
  • Avoiding exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals like BPA, parabens, and certain plastics.
  • Limiting alcohol intake to prevent testicular atrophy.

Understanding Bio-Identical Hormone Pellets

Bio-Identical Hormone pellets, tiny like a grain of rice, consist of natural testosterone, not synthetic hormones. They differ from injectable testosterone, which can cause allergic reactions due to additives and often leads to higher estrogen production. Unlike injections, which cause hormone level fluctuations, pellets offer a steady, controlled hormone release over several months. The hormone levels peak around six weeks post-implantation and gradually decrease over 4-5 months, providing a more predictable hormone level.

Advantages of Testosterone Supplementation for Men with Low Levels

Testosterone supplementation in men with low levels offers a range of benefits:

  • Boosts libido and enhances sexual satisfaction.
  • Alleviates erectile dysfunction symptoms.
  • Increases energy levels and improves focus.
  • Enhances lean muscle mass while reducing abdominal fat.
  • Elevates mood and can improve sleep quality.
  • Offers protection against depression and cognitive disorders like Alzheimer's.
  • Strengthens bone density.
  • Reduces triglycerides, LDL cholesterol, and overall cholesterol levels.
  • Lowers the risk of cardiovascular incidents, such as heart attacks.

Side Effects and Management of Testosterone Supplementation with Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy

Bio-Identical Hormone pellets aim to restore testosterone to levels typical of a man's twenties, usually without long-term side effects. During the initial 3-4 weeks, some men may experience temporary irritability or aggressiveness. Follow-up checks at 14-16 weeks post-pellet placement help maintain optimal testosterone levels.

Testosterone can convert into estrogen in the body, leading to increased estrogen symptoms in some men. In such cases, Letrozole, an aromatase blocker taken twice monthly, is prescribed.

High testosterone levels can lead to various health issues, including increased blood pressure, cardiovascular risks, prostate enlargement, mood changes, insomnia, and excessive hair growth. However, these issues do not arise with Bio-Identical Hormone pellet supplementation, as it targets maintaining testosterone within normal healthy ranges. Many patients with low testosterone symptoms often have serum testosterone levels around 300-400 ng/dL, and the goal post-supplementation is to reach approximately 1000 ng/dL.

Testosterone Supplementation and Pregnancy Planning

Men planning a pregnancy within the next 6-12 months should generally avoid testosterone supplementation. Externally sourced testosterone can lower internal testosterone production, crucial for sperm development. Consequently, this can lead to a significant reduction in sperm count (azoospermia) in a majority of men within four months of starting treatment.

For men aiming to preserve fertility, medications like clomiphene and enclomiphene, which stimulate hormone production in the pituitary gland and thereby increase testosterone and sperm production, can be a viable alternative.

The Procedure for Hormone Supplementation

For those interested in hormone supplementation:

  1. Contact the clinic for a consultation with a physician.
  2. Complete necessary medical intake forms through the online portal.
  3. Undergo a medical evaluation to discuss symptoms, health concerns, and treatment options.
  4. The clinic utilizes the SottPelle dosing algorithm, considering symptoms and lab results to determine the optimal hormone dose.
  5. Pellet placement, a quick office procedure, follows.
  6. Benefits typically begin to manifest 3-4 weeks after pellet placement.
  7. Follow-up labs are conducted six weeks post-implantation to ensure optimal hormone levels. If symptoms persist, additional pellets may be administered.
  8. Pellets generally last 3-4 months, with repeat lab tests guiding future doses.

The Treatment


  • Alleviate erectile dysfunction
  • Increase arousal and libido
  • Increase focus and energy
  • Reduce body fat
  • Better sleep


Gracie KittellGracie Kittell
01:16 27 Oct 23
Such a cute and fun spot! The staff are all so sweet and there is great energy in their space. I love everything that they have done for me, my Botox and filler looks the best it ever has!
Maria PalestiniMaria Palestini
00:26 27 Oct 23
Such a great experience! Everyone is so sweet, informative, and supportive! Love this place!
Caterina PalestiniCaterina Palestini
00:18 27 Oct 23
A great experience every time I come! Janeane and Kelly and their staff are professional and friendly and the space is comfortable and inviting.
Antonina PalestiniAntonina Palestini
00:13 27 Oct 23
I absolutely LOVE going to House of Aesthetix! Janeane and Kelly are truly the best and they have made me feel so comfortable during my appointments. I have gotten filler in my lips as well as the IVs. I LOVED how my lips turned out by Janeane because she really does take the time to make them exactly what I wanted. The IVs have been so helpful for preventative health I get them super often !
Leslie DizonLeslie Dizon
18:52 26 Oct 23
House of Aesthetix is my go to place. The ladies here are so sweet. Always make me feel comfortable and I always leave feeling great. I highly recommend them.
Samantha PattersonSamantha Patterson
17:22 26 Oct 23
I’ve struggled with cystic acne for a few years now and was looking for someone to help me keep my skin clear. I work in the same building as House of Aesthetix and decided to check them out. After a consultation with Janeane I knew these ladies were the perfect fit for me. I saw Janeane and Kelly for 3 chemical peels and have seen a huge improvement in my complexion. They’re caring, patient, informative, and kind. I would highly suggest any of their services to anyone!
Stephanie fraenzlStephanie fraenzl
23:39 14 Sep 23
Janeane is so talented!! I’m absolutely thrilled with my results. I was especially nervous to have her touch my lips. But I felt I could trust her and I’m glad I did! I get so many compliments on my smile thanks to her!
Angela BowersAngela Bowers
23:33 05 Jul 23
Easy to get to and lots of parking. Office is very clean with cute decor. I was greeted promptly and a through medical eval was performed. We discussed the treatment recommendation and proceeded. Cost was comparable to what other medical spas are charging in the area. Loved Janeane’s bedside manner. I will be back. I recommend you give this place a try!

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