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House of Aesthetix takes the best of conventional medicine in terms of diagnostics, and combines it with functional medicine.  We also take the best of the Holistic world to give you a natural approach to healing the body at the root of the issue, instead of simply relying on medications that merely mask symptoms. This becomes the most effective style of healing in healthcare. We are passionate about wellness and helping you feel and look your best. Add a “Book Now” tab underneath this.

Wellness Services from the Top Medical Spa in San Diego

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Wellness Testing and Treatments

Gut and Allergy Testing

The development and immunity of our bodies rely heavily on the human gut microbiome. The bacteria residing in our gut play a vital role in food digestion, immune system regulation, and vitamin production. The significance of the microbiome cannot be overstated as it greatly affects our universal health.

Science has established a link between our gut bacteria, food intolerances, and specific allergies to various negative aspects of our health. These include: decreased metabolism, inadequate blood glucose regulation, insufficient weight management, mood, mental health, skin quality, and even individual responses to medications.

Each individual possesses a distinct and unique gut microbiome, which is greatly influenced by the dietary components present in food. At House of Aesthetix, we offer gut, allergy, and food sensitivity testing to ensure your gut biome is optimized. Determining what foods should be eliminated, helps regulate diet and proper metabolism, and return your body to a state of optimization for your overall health and total body wellness. Sometimes, even removing foods that cause inflammation for a 6-12 week period can be beneficial, while in other situations, removing those foods permanently is needed for your long term wellness.

Peptide Therapy

Peptide Therapy involves boosting peptide levels to trigger cellular regrowth mechanisms within the body, offering a targeted treatment for specific conditions. Peptides can be administered in various ways: through subcutaneous injections to enter the bloodstream directly, as creams applied topically, via nasal sprays, or taken orally. Peptides consist of amino acid chains that form different proteins already produced by the body.

Peptide Therapy treatment is unique in that it offers numerous benefits, such as accelerating the healing process, reducing joint and muscle pain, repairing gut lining, improving cognitive function and memory, boosting mood and energy, supporting a healthy immune system, diminishing signs of aging, and promoting hair growth.

Basic Diagnostic, Energy and Nutrient Testing

Basic diagnostic testing includes; Complete Blood Count, Complete Metabolic Panel, Blood sugar and Diabetes Risk Assessment, a basic Hormone Nutrient Marker, Micronutrients, Anemia Testing, Vitamin D, and Essential Fatty Acids

Thyroid, Adrenal, Hormone, and Inflammation Testing, which includes: Comprehensive and Basic Thyroid Panels, Women’s Hormone Panel, Men’s Hormone Panel, Adrenal Cortisol Testing, and Inflammation panel

Genetic testing: There are many symptoms that can be caused by genetic breaks. Unlock the story that your unique DNA tells, and use that information to create a completely customized wellness plan. Everybody is different- some things work and some things don’t.Stop guessing and hoping about what will make you feel better, and learn exactly what your body needs. Genetic mutations are actually very common and can lead to anxiety, depression, ADHD, poor sleep, weight gain, gut issues, thyroid issues, high blood pressure and so much more.

Wellness Services Pricing

Comprehensive Wellness Initial Consultation


What it includes: This is a 60 minute detailed visit to go over every aspect of your health including lifestyle, habits, medical history, medication and supplement use, symptoms, weight, measurements and more. During this initial visit, different labs will be recommended based on your individual needs.

Comprehensive Wellness Follow-up


What it includes: This is a 60 minute detailed visit to go over lab results, treatment plan including lifestyle changes, supplement and/or medication recommendations and more. Should BHRT (Bioidentical hormone replacement) be part of your treatment plan the $75 visit fee will apply towards your BHRT treatment.

Wellness Spa Services

Learn more about pricing and benefits of additional wellness services by following the links below:

IV Hydration


Medical Weight Loss

HRT for Women

HRT for Men

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Most individuals are excellent candidates for IV Hydration. IV Therapy is one of the most useful ways to provide nutrients, vitamins, and fluids to your system and is more efficient than oral supplements. This procedure avoids your digestive system and is administered directly into your bloodstream. Your body is able to absorb the greatest amount of nutrients and fluids since nothing is lost as a result of the digestive process. During your consultation, we can discuss if it's right for you.

It varies for each patient. Some notice a difference right away. Others notice tangible improvements 3-4 days after treatment.

The duration of results depends on factors like nutrient imbalances, overall health, and hydration. Nutrient levels soar two to three weeks after the procedure.


Gracie KittellGracie Kittell
01:16 27 Oct 23
Such a cute and fun spot! The staff are all so sweet and there is great energy in their space. I love everything that they have done for me, my Botox and filler looks the best it ever has!
Maria PalestiniMaria Palestini
00:26 27 Oct 23
Such a great experience! Everyone is so sweet, informative, and supportive! Love this place!
Caterina PalestiniCaterina Palestini
00:18 27 Oct 23
A great experience every time I come! Janeane and Kelly and their staff are professional and friendly and the space is comfortable and inviting.
Antonina PalestiniAntonina Palestini
00:13 27 Oct 23
I absolutely LOVE going to House of Aesthetix! Janeane and Kelly are truly the best and they have made me feel so comfortable during my appointments. I have gotten filler in my lips as well as the IVs. I LOVED how my lips turned out by Janeane because she really does take the time to make them exactly what I wanted. The IVs have been so helpful for preventative health I get them super often !
Leslie DizonLeslie Dizon
18:52 26 Oct 23
House of Aesthetix is my go to place. The ladies here are so sweet. Always make me feel comfortable and I always leave feeling great. I highly recommend them.
Samantha PattersonSamantha Patterson
17:22 26 Oct 23
I’ve struggled with cystic acne for a few years now and was looking for someone to help me keep my skin clear. I work in the same building as House of Aesthetix and decided to check them out. After a consultation with Janeane I knew these ladies were the perfect fit for me. I saw Janeane and Kelly for 3 chemical peels and have seen a huge improvement in my complexion. They’re caring, patient, informative, and kind. I would highly suggest any of their services to anyone!
Stephanie fraenzlStephanie fraenzl
23:39 14 Sep 23
Janeane is so talented!! I’m absolutely thrilled with my results. I was especially nervous to have her touch my lips. But I felt I could trust her and I’m glad I did! I get so many compliments on my smile thanks to her!
Angela BowersAngela Bowers
23:33 05 Jul 23
Easy to get to and lots of parking. Office is very clean with cute decor. I was greeted promptly and a through medical eval was performed. We discussed the treatment recommendation and proceeded. Cost was comparable to what other medical spas are charging in the area. Loved Janeane’s bedside manner. I will be back. I recommend you give this place a try!

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Microneedling + PRP $325 off or $975 off 3-pack

Sculptra $900 savings

IV Hydration $40 savings

Hormone Therapy $50 off first treatment

Lip Filler $150 savings

LED Light Stim $40 off

Signature 60 min facial $150 off with IV hydration and glutathione complex for skin brightening

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