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Dysport Injections in San Diego, CA What to Know About Dysport San Diego Neurotoxin treatment at our clinic includes a personalized consultation to determine the most suitable brand for each client. Neurotoxins like Dysport San Diego induce muscle relaxation, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and offer other specialized benefits. This procedure is quick, taking just […]

Wellness Services

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Look Better + Feel Better + Function Better House of Aesthetix takes the best of conventional medicine in terms of diagnostics, and combines it with functional medicine.  We also take the best of the Holistic world to give you a natural approach to healing the body at the root of the issue, instead of simply […]


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Facials in San Diego, CA House of Aesthetix blends medically crafted treatments with the luxury feel of a facial for the ultimate results driven experience.We embrace the beauty of the individual  and understand that each person’s skin is unique, influenced by factors like age, diet, emotions, hormones, and environmental exposure. Our experts collaborate with you to meticulously […]

Regenerative Medicine Treatments

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Regenerative Medicine Treatments 1. Add a new service page called ‘Regenerative Medicine Treatments’  Information on exosomes and growth factors:  What are exosomes?  Exosomes, also known as extracellular vesicles, are tiny lipid particles that get secreted by all known living cells within the human body. Within each cell or area of the body, they send messages, […]

Hormone Replacement for Women

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Hormone Therapy San Diego House of Aesthetix knows that it is crucial for women monitor their hormones as they age. For that reason, our hormone therapy San Diego addresses a normal decrease in estrogen and testosterone levels. We want our patients to remain comfortable as they get older, so we carefully crafted our Bio-identical Hormone […]

Hormone Replacement for Men

trt san diego

TRT San Diego Presenting our Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) for men, also called Testosterone Replacement Therapy or TRT San Diego. This is a potentially life-changing treatment for health-conscious men who may be experiencing hormone imbalances. Men can experience abnormally low testosterone levels as soon as their early to mid 30s. The benefits of this […]

Ohh Shot

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Ohh Shot Treatment in San Diego, CA To revitalize a woman’s sexual health and self-confidence, the Ohh Shot uses your body’s PRP to rejuvenate and boost improvement in arousal, desire, and sensation. This treatment is nonsurgical and has zero downtime. Injecting PRP (platelet rich plasma) in the clitoris, labia, and g-spot reinvigorates these areas to […]

Weight Loss

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Weight Loss Treatment in San Diego, CA Semaglutide Weekly Injections or Tirzepatide Weekly injections: What is Tirzepatide? Tirzepatide is a once-weekly injectable dual glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1) receptor and glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide (GIP) receptor agonist. It works by increasing insulin production and lowering glucagon secretion as well as targeting areas in the brain that regulate […]

Chemical Peels and Facials

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Chemical Peels in San Diego, CA Give your skin a radiance boost with one of our new, innovative Chemical Peels. Peels have evolved over the years, and the formula has improved. This allows for maximum detoxification of impurities from the pores. Chemical Peels transform dull skin cells into a flawless complexion. Our Chemical Peels use […]

IV Hydration

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IV Hydration in San Diego, CA IV Hydration is a convenient way to quickly get a large infusion of nutrients and minerals into your bloodstream with instant absorption. Compared to consuming oral supplements, IV Hydration gives you 100% absorption of all vital nutrients. Popular formulas include hydration, recovery, immunity, and beauty. If you need a […]

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